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The Welsh Political Week in 60 seconds

Budget scrutiny. Lots of Budget scrutiny.

On Monday, we have the External Affairs & Additional Legislation Committee considering the impact of Brexit on the environment; Public Accounts and Constitutional & Legislative Affairs are both catching up on their correspondence.

We’ve got the ever-varied Petitions Committee on Tuesday morning. AMs will be looking at everything from renaming Cardiff Airport as Princess Diana Airport to forest rallying.

Plenary kicks off with FMQs at 13h30 on Tuesday, including two questions on lobbyist access in Cardiff Bay. This is followed by statements on EU transition, the Taskforce for the Valleys, the Parliamentary Review into Health and Care Services, Affordable Homes, Exports and Winter Preparedness. Concluding business on Tuesday, there will be a debate on the Equality & Human Rights Commission Wales Annual Review 2015-2016.

Wednesday brings BBC Director General (Tony Hall) to the Assembly where he will give evidence to the Culture Committee. Some of the questions will come from the public and some from AMs. Recriminations over the loss of Bake Off to Channel Four may or may not feature.


Climate Change and Equality, Local Government and Communities will be undertaking scrutiny of the Welsh Government’s draft budget.

On Wednesday afternoon, it’s Education & Counsel General Questions followed by the new 90 Second statements, an interesting change for the Assembly which will allow AMs to raise issues of topical and local interest. The move was proposed by Presiding Officer (Elin Jones) in her efforts to “inject greater vibrancy into Plenary proceedings”. The Assembly will be the first Parliamentary body in the UK to introduce this measure, which is already in use in parliaments in Australia and Canada.

Opposition debates on Wednesday include, climate change (Plaid); broadband access (Conservatives) and lung cancer awareness month (UKIP). Hannah Blythyn (Delyn)(Lab) will lead the short debate – she’ll be discussing a new economy for North Wales.

On Thursday morning, the Finance Committee will hear from the Auditor General while Economy, Infrastructure & Skill and Health & Social Care both also cover the draft Budget. 

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