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The Welsh Political Week in 60 seconds

Your run down of what's happening in Cardiff Bay this week.

Jeremy Corbyn has been returned as Leader of the Labour Party, despite a challenge from Owen Smith.

Liverpool is set to be a hotbed of intrigue between now and Wednesday when Conference closes. Will MPs be waving the white flag while they’re singing the Red Flag? Owen Smith has said he will now go to the backbenches but what for the rest of PLP?

There will also be a vote on proposals to strengthen the autonomy of the Welsh and Scottish Labour parties. The parties will gain more control over policy making but continue to share finances. If approved as expected, this will be a significant change for a party in flux.

Following last week’s leadership election, Diane James, newly minted leader of UKIP will be in Cardiff to mend the rift in the Assembly group. An interesting team away day, if ever there was one.

It’s an education heavy week in the Senedd. The Public Accounts Committee will be scrutinizing the books of Careers Wales, Estyn and HEFCW on Monday.

The future of higher education in Wales will be under the spotlight as Cabinet Secretary for Education (Kirsty Williams) makes a statement on the Diamond Review. There will also be major Welsh Government statements on BBC Charter Renewal and the IPFR process – all after FMQs on Tuesday.

Kirsty Williams will also answer AMs questions on Wednesday. Opposition debates later in the afternoon include bovine TB (cross-party); support for nurses (Plaid); the Supporting People scheme (Plaid) and the Programme For Government (Conservatives). Eluned Morgan (Mid & West Wales)(Lab) has the short debate on future challenges for the care sector.

A couple of the Committees will be getting out and about this week. The Children, Young People & Education Committee hold a stakeholder group on youth work on Wednesday

Both Culture, Welsh Language & Communication Committee and the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee will go on visits on Wednesday. No detail on where the latter are going yet but according to the agenda, the minibus leaves at 08h30 if any one fancies a mystery tour.

Back in the Senedd, it’s the usual mixed bag for the Petitions Committee on Tuesday who will be looking at calls ranging from ghost trains to hospital food to slaughter practices.

The Climate Change, Environment & Rural Affairs Committee meet on Wednesday to consider agricultural policy.

The Health & Social Care will be cwtching up and considering winter preparedness on Thursday.

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