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The Welsh Political Week in 60 seconds

Here's what's happening this week in Welsh politics. Quite a bit as it happens.

Two big stories last week: the suspension of the entire Sport Wales Board by Minister for Social Services & Public Health (Rebecca Evans) and the fall-out from the British-Irish Council. The Presiding Officer (Elin Jones) may well find her inbox overflowing with requests for statements and urgent questions by Monday morning.

On Monday afternoon, the External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee will be meeting stakeholders in Wrexham while the Constitutional & Legislative Affairs. The Public Accounts Committee are taking evidence on coastal flooding and erosion while the Constitutional & Legislative Affairs Committee discuss the Wales Bill LCM in private.

On Tuesday morning, we have the ever varied Petitions Committee and Standards of Conduct Committee who will hear from the Electoral Commission on double registration and consider a letter inviting views to their consultation on lobbying.

It’s business as usual in the Senedd on Tuesday afternoon. FMQs and Business Statement kick off this week’s Plenary from 13h30 on Tuesday, with questions tabled on business rates, the M4, letting agency fees, and new treatments and medicines.

Following that, there will be a statement on the Landfill Disposals Tax (Wales) Bill, a legislative consent motion on the UK Government’s Children and Social Work Bill, and two Welsh Government debates on the Older People’s Commissioner’s and Chief Medical Officer’s annual reports for 2015-16.

On Wednesday morning, Culture, Welsh Language & Communications Committee take evidence on the Welsh Government’s Draft Welsh Language Strategy while Children, Young People & Education consider the Welsh Government’s Education Improvement Grant as well as Statutory Advocacy Provision. Over on the Climate Change, Environment & Rural Affairs Committee, an inquiry into the use of snares in Wales gets underway.

Over at Westminster, Secretary of State for Wales (Alun Cairns) will be answering at Wales Questions from 1130.

Wednesday will see Education Questions and Counsel General Questions, with an unusually high number of questions tabled for Counsel General (Mick Antoniw) spanning Article 50, the Wales Bill and the Human Rights Act. 90 Second Statements from backbench AMs and a statement on the incoming Standards Commissioner will follow this. In terms of party debates, Plaid Cymru have tabled a motion on the Welsh economy which will be followed by a Welsh Conservative debate on cross-border healthcare and a short debate by Nick Ramsay (Monmouth)(Con) on living with sight loss.

On Thursday, the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee beginning its Stage 1 scrutiny of the reintroduced Public Health (Wales) Bill while the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee will be taking further evidence on the National Infrastructure Commission.

Finance Committee meets in private to consider its approach to the Landfill Disposal Tax (Wales) Bill while the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee are off on a visit.

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