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The Welsh Political Week

After some ill-tempered exchanges last week, will politicians in Wales get on better this week? Well, there’s plenty to keep them busy.

On Monday, Public Accounts Committee will have a stakeholder event on their inquiry into the regulatory oversight of housing associations while the Constitutional & Legislative Affairs Committee will be considering an LCM on the Wales Bill.

The Counsel General (Mick Antoniw) will address the Supreme Court hearing on Article 50. 

In Plenary on Tuesday, we start with FMQs and Business Statement before moving on to statements on energy and the long-awaited PISA results. There will also be a two hour debate on the Welsh Government’s draft Budget. And as soon as that’s out the way, AMs will don their glad rags and head over for ITV’s Politician of the Year event which takes place in Cardiff Bay.

On Wednesday morning, the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee begin its inquiry into refugees and asylum seekers while Economy, Infrastructure & Skills will be taking evidence on the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales and the Health & Social Care will continue Stage 1 consideration of the Public Health (Wales) Bill. The Finance Committee will meet to consider the financial implications of several pieces of legislation.

After lunch, it’s Economy & Infrastructure Questions followed by Health & Social Care Questions and 90 Second Statements. There will then be a cross-party debate on obesity before a Conservatives debate on the Autumn Statement and a UKIP debate on the abolition of letting agent fees. The short debate is on Newport. Expect John Griffiths to point out the shopping centre’s quite new. Or something.

On Thursday, Climate Change, Environment & Rural Affairs will take evidence on Bovine TB while Children, Young People & Education consider the Education Improvement Grant. The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee will be out and about on a site visit.

newsdirect wales is a political monitoring service. We’ll be taking bets on who will win Politician of the Year all week. We’ll also be following every question asked, debated tabled and announcement made. We’ll then report back to our clients, telling them exactly what they need to know. Sound good? Give us a call on 029 2009 0693 to arrange trial of our monitoring service in the New Year.

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