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The 5th Assembly gets down to business

Your 60 second guide to the political week in Wales.

After the high drama of the last fortnight, the return to business as usual begins this week.

We have the first First Minister’s Questions in over two months from 13h30 on Tuesday.

It will look a little different this time round as the Liberal Democrats have lost their group status and therefore their right to ask a weekly question of Carwyn Jones. As leader of a group of seven, Neil Hamilton (Mid & West Wales)(UKIP) will have a guaranteed slot. After his controversial comments on concubines last Wednesday, all bets are off as to what he’ll press the FM on or who he might offend this week.

Other questions on the slate include transport infrastructure, cancer services and resolving the steel crisis.

No debates after FMQs but a motion to approve the appointment of Members to the Business Committee will be moved. If successful (let’s not make any assumptions after the FM impasse!) this motion will begin the process of putting in place the structures of the Fifth Assembly. 

It will agree the number and size of committees and propose their titles and remits.

It will also propose any changes to the Assembly's Standing Orders, the rules which set out how the Assembly conducts its business in plenary and committee.

The Business Committee will consist of the Presiding Officer (Elin Jones), Leader of the House (Jane Hutt) and Business Managers from Plaid, the Conservatives and UKIP.

We also expect Plaid, the Conservatives and UKIP to start naming their shadow ministerial teams this week.

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