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General election timetable

Key dates in the lead up to polling day

As Prime Minister Theresa May fires the starting gun on a snap election, we round up the key dates ahead of polling day on Thursday, June 8...

Wednesday, April 19

MPs vote on holding election

First, MPs must back a motion on holding an early General Election. The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, introduced by the Coalition Government in 2011, allows for an early election if two-thirds of MPs vote in favour. Mrs May needs the support of 434 MPs. With Labour and the Liberal Democrats saying they will support the motion, the outcome should be a formality.

Monday, April 29

EU Brexit summit

The other 27 countries of the EU will meet for a major summit on how to negotiate Brexit.

Wednesday, May 3

Dissolution of Parliament

Under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, Parliament will be dissolved 25 working days before the General Election – signalling the start of the official campaign.

Thursday, May 4

Local government elections

Voters will go to the polls for local elections in England, Scotland and Wales.

Monday, May 8

Notice of Election

The Notice of Election is usually published four weeks before polling day, marking the official start of the "purdah" pre-election period.

Thursday, May 11

Deadline for candidates

The deadline for candidates to submit nomination papers ahead of the poll. At this point, we should find out who's standing and which MPs are standing down.

Monday, May 22

Voter registration deadline

The registration deadline for voters.

Tuesday, May 23

Postal vote deadline

The deadline to apply for a postal vote.

Wednesday, May 31

Proxy vote deadline

The deadline for making an application for a proxy vote.

Thursday, June 8

General Election

Polling stations across the UK open from 8am to 10pm as millions of people cast their vote. An exit poll at 10pm will give an early indication of the election result.

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